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We are a young and innovative team of individuals, representing various sectors which are providing a variety of services in Budapest, Hungary. We have been gaining experience since 2008, by helping our clients with accommodation and general guidance of which we have successfully gained trust and positive reviews.
We are honored to be able to provide our services to both locals and foreigners in Budapest, Hungary.
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A Short introduction about how we think

Property management in Budapest

We really appreciate having the opportunity to work with property owners and we do our best to provide quality services as we believe that satisfied clients bring us more clients. We guarantee to take every step carefully in order to maintain this valuable opportunity. We believe in long term business relationships and we keep our profile fresh and compatible with the market as we make sure not to waste any owner’s valuable time by giving fake promises. After all our 5 star reviews in Google and Facebook is a daily boost for our team to keep up the great work which we are blessed to be able to provide.

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Apartment rentals in Budapest

Whether you are searching for an apartment or you are an owner, we guarantee that working with B.R.O will be a great experience and we are certain that your positive review will be among the rest of our online reviews.

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Apartment sales in Budapest

Apart from having the correct value for an apartment, it is very important to have the process of buying or selling done by professionals who can stay by your side along the way and get familiar with your imaginations and desires.

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We understand that finding the right tenant/buyer for your property can be confusing and stressful and you might have many questions therefore we will definitely reply back in case you try to reach us here however we prepared the FAQ section here which we hope to be helpful.
Frequently asked questions
How do I start?
It is very simple! Contact us and give the required details to one of our agents for your apartment’s advertisement. If you have photos make sure you send us those as well however we can also visit your apartment and make photos. After that we shall start our advertising and you will be noticed once we have a visitor for your apartment. You can choose to leave a key in our office or choose to be informed for viewings and let us in with the client(s). After finding the suitable tenant, we will provide you with our precise contract which has been approved by several lawyers and guide you through every step even during the period of the lease contract.
Why should I rent my apartment through B.R.O.?
After years of experience and understanding the owner’s desires, most of the time we successfully manage to match the tenants to the owners. We are proud to be recommended by the university to the students and by the corporations to the employers as a reliable rental and sales real-estate company. We will not vanish once your apartment is rented. In fact, we stay by your side if you need any help or guidance during the tenancy. We also provide management services with unique methods to create convenience for both owners and tenants. We have received tremendous feedback regarding our contract which we update yearly.
What are the furniture/items which need to be available in my apartment and can I rent it without furniture?
In Hungary, it is more common to have the apartment completely furnished and fully-equipped, however your apartment can be rented with or without furniture. In case you wish to furnish the apartment, you can ask us to send you the list of the necessary items for each apartment and get recommendations related to your budget for any specific item or furniture. In some cases it is also a good idea to consult with us before furnishing so we can share our experiences and suitable items with you.
Can I have my apartment rented with a higher rental fee when using an agency?
We find it morally incorrect to have an apartment rented in higher value than the market value in any case and at the same time we believe this can harm the image of our agency and also the image of your apartment in the market. When deciding to work with an agency, in case you decide to advertise your own apartment, we highly recommend that you as an owner advertise your apartment with the same price and if using more than one agency, make sure every advertisement has the same rental fee as your own advertisement.
What can I do if the tenant damages my apartment or leaves before the end of the contract?
At the time of signing the contract, an amount of 2x rental fee is asked from the tenant as the security deposit, this amount is to insure that the tenant finishes the contract and can also be used if there will be any damages caused by the tenan during the tenancy.
Can I rent my apartment anytime of the year for a 12 month period?
The answer is YES, however we also recommend the owners to consider shorter periods since it is always better to have the apartment available during summer (July and August) since the demand is much higher and therefore when any of the contracts is over, the next tenant is more likely to be move-in within a very short period of time.
How should I ask the tenant for the bills and common cost?
There are 3 different methods for this matter and in all the methods the number of the meters must be taken on the day which the tenant moves in:
Method #1
Have the bills to arrive at the rented apartment and have the tenant pay them via mobile application or post office (yellow checks). The issue with this method is that many tenants get confused with the bills or they forget to pay them so it is not recommended.
Method #2
Pay the bills yourself however you wish and have the tenant to dictate the meters every month and you can do the calculation according to the meter numbers by using the provider company’s value given for each Kwh or Kj or etc.
Method #3
(Recommended.) Have the tenant pay you a fixed sum of money along with the rental fee every month and do the actual calculation every 3 month by having the meter numbers. This method can create convenience for both sides however the fixed amount chosen should be very fair to avoid a big difference after each 3 month.
Does B.R.O provide a rental contract or can I use my own?
At first it is always the decision of the owner regarding which contract to be used, however we believe that the lease contract we provide is a very useful version of which we have always received positive feedback from both tenants and owners.
I hope we have answered some of the important questions above, however we will not hesitate to answer more questions if needed. I wish you to achieve the goals which you have planned for your property and I hope that we can get on board to reach those goals with you and have your positive review among the other ones we have on our online platforms.
Best regards
Payam Abed Salimi

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