Property Management

Let us make sure your Budapest property is in good hands and profitable.
It is not a difficult task for us to put ourselves in your shoes and realize that as an owner you need a trustworthy partner to give priority to your property in Budapest. All the details mentioned below require a great level of communication which is our highest priority during the management process.
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We can protect your property by

Providing professional contracts and inventory list
Providing responsible tenant(s)
Monitoring your apartment regardless of its occupancy
Monitoring the utility bills making sure of arranging zero debt certificates after tenant’s evacuation

We can protect your investment by

Using our great sources to find reliable tenant(s)
Taking care of the maintanance and providing monthly report
Keeping you informed about the value of your property
Preventing the loss of investment in case of eviction

Have us involved!

How about letting us give you our opinion about your property?
We will also provide you our management contract which we have developed through the years of gaining experience.
Send us an email about your property and share some details with us and we will make sure that we will take care of everything as smoothly as possible.
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