Ferdinánd Garden by Pesti Házak

Several apartments FOR PRE-SALE in Pesti Ház - Ferdinánd Garden Building in district XIII. Szabolcs utca 4-6. The handover will be at the end of 2024.

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Why Say Yes To  Ferdinánd Garden by Pesti Házak

If you would like to live in the city centre because you want to enjoy the bustling city life, then Pesti Ház - Ferdinánd Garden condominium is an excellent choice for you.

View from the street

Spacious, bright apartments overlooking green spaces: When designing the building complex under the management of Pesti Házak Zrt., the goal was to create a residential building that, despite its central location, provides its residents with quiet homes, intimate living spaces and as many green areas as possible. Central location If you like living in the city center, close to downtown, then Pesti Ház - Ferdinánd Garden condominium is an excellent choice for you. Pesti Ház - Ferdinánd Garden – just a few minutes from the West End shopping mall and the place called “Western City Centre”. Great investment in Budapest city center: Due to its location near the city centre, its excellent infrastructural facilities and the proximity of the Budapest office quarter, this part of District XIII attracts many people who want to move. Asa result, the prices of these properties are continuously increasing and you will have nothing to worry about if you want to re-sell it, as you’ll be able to do so easily at any time.

Bright apartments facing green areas: As the apartments face several inner parks, it was extremely important for us to bring nature closer and provide a view of the green areas from the apartments. The large windows and balcony doors of the building also make the view of the greenery of the indoor parks visible from the rooms.


Unique design of public spaces: The unique interior atrium of the building from the ground to the 5th floor ensures that natural light can enter the common areas of the building through the side glass wall, including the elevator lobbies and reception. It will be a real pleasure to come home here. 24-hour reception is provided.



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